Will you help us give the grace we’ve freely received?

Insight for Living Ministries — The Bible-Teaching Ministry of Charles R. Swindoll http://www.crosswalkmail.com/cthjdqtljhjftmlnfgrzkfvktqfmprrmhctkddncmmtthpq_kftvmpshflpp.html Donate Today: http://www.crosswalkmail.com/ktpdhflsdtdjlpsgjrkqbjwblfjpmkkptvlbhhgvpplltmp_kftvmpshflpp.html ============ There’s an amazing thing about ministry most people don’t realize: it’s a cycle–a grace cycle. Ministry, at its core, is the ongoing exchange of the gift of grace. Grace freely given, freely received. Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but a pastor’s work is a gift–not just to his congregation. Without a doubt, my work as a pastor-teacher is an extension of God’s grace to me. Being called and equipped to preach and shepherd is a blessing from the One who gives every good gift. Teaching the study and application of the Word is also a gift of grace that I joyfully give–to you and others like you. When I hear of good things that teaching has brought about in your life . . . well, that’s another gift I receive. And it doesn’t stop there. Grace naturally multiplies. We receive grace, so we give grace. Others receive it and, in turn, give it to others. Grace freely received, freely given. Insight for Living Ministries is a wonderful illustration of the grace cycle at work. For nearly four decades, we’ve delivered grace to people from every walk of life on nearly every continent. Many accept it with gratitude. In response, they give grace to others, often by giving back to this ministry. Let me put it another way: Insight for Living Ministries is your ministry. It’s the ministry you receive . . . and the ministry you make possible—the grace you receive . . . and the grace you give. Christmas naturally leads to reflection on giving—on the gift God gave us in Jesus and on the gifts we exchange with each other. This year, please remember Insight for Living Ministries—that it’s yours. As you do, please consider sending a generous, year-end donation (http://www.crosswalkmail.com/ycbblcsgbmbnsvgznfrtpnypscnvqrrvmkspllzkvvssmfm_kftvmpshflpp.html) by December 31–both to say thank you and to give the immeasurable gift of hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those longing for grace this holiday season. Grateful to give and receive, Chuck Swindoll Donate Today: http://www.crosswalkmail.com/ycgblcsgbmbnsvgznfrtpnypscnvqrrvmkspllzkvvssmfs_kftvmpshflpp.html (c) 2016 Insight for Living Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide. ABOUT THIS EMAIL This promotional email is never sent unsolicited. We respect and value your time and privacy. If this resource no longer meets your needs you can unsubscribe yourself using our preference management page at https://preferences.salemwebnetwork.com Salem Web Network | Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. | 111 Virginia St., Suite 500, Richmond, VA 23219

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