The Value of Rest by Cory Mansfield

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The Value of Rest
by Cory Mansfield

If you are in leadership, especially the role of pastoring/shepherding God’s people, let’s be clear, it is a beautiful yet difficult calling. The possibility of burnout is very real. There are so many facets to your role, in fact, you are probably taking care of things you never imagined you would be doing.

When you answered the call to enter the ministry as a pastor, you probably envisioned studying the Scriptures, preaching the Scriptures, sharing the gospel with others, evangelizing the lost, praying for revival in your church, watching people’s lives be healed, seeing marriages restored, baptizing people every week as they make confessions of faith. And I pray that that is the case (I actually just prayed that for you).

For some of you, however, different necessities started to creep into your calling. Questions such as rent or buy? Need volunteers or employees? New roof? New A/C unit? New sound equipment? New chairs? What time do we meet? How many services? And the list goes on and on and on. Now, none of this is bad. They are simply tasks that need to be taken care of. And then more things start getting piled up. You see the marriage fall apart. You see the child turn away from the faith. You see the death of a young person. You see the family leave the church. This is tough stuff! You celebrate the joys of your church, but you also carry the weight of the sorrows of your church. And that is a tough burden to carry.

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