Host a Live Online Conference with Matt and Lauren Chandler by Cory Mansfield

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Host a Live Online Conference with Matt and Lauren Chandler
by Cory Mansfield

On Friday night, November 11, Matt and Lauren Chandler are hosting a live, online dating conference called Mingling of Souls and you have the opportunity to host this live event at your church! This conference is designed to help promote healthy dating relationships that focus on God and His glory. This is a great opportunity to invite the teens in your church and community to hear Matt and Lauren talk on this important topic.

I first became acquainted with Matt and his ministry through the Catalyst podcast. I had been commuting an hour to work and an hour home each day for years and I realized that I was allowing my mind to wander and dwell on things that were not life-giving. I prayed and looked for something to listen to and I found the Catalyst podcast. The first interview I heard was with this guy who was the pastor of The Village Church. I was immediately drawn in by his heart and passion for the Lord and thought that I might enjoy listening to this guy. I then heard the tragic news of his battle with cancer. After I heard the interview, and processed the news of his battle, I immediately searched for a way to listen to his sermons.

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