Quiet Walk – September 25

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Quiet Walk – September 25

September 25

Romans 7

A civil war rages in the life of every Christian.


The "inward man" (v. 22) is created in righteousness and holiness (Ephesians 4:24), wills to do good (v. 21), joyfully delights in the law of God (v. 22), and serves "the law of God" (v. 25). However, the "flesh" (v. 18) practices the thing the inward man hates (v. 15). "Nothing good" dwells in the flesh (v. 18). It wars against the law of the mind (v. 23) and serves "the law of sin" (v. 25). As a result of this civil war, our lives do not run smoothly. We do things we don't want to do, and we fail to do things we want to do. Who can deliver us from "this body of death" (v. 24)? Only Jesus. When we receive Him as our personal Savior, the spiritual forces …

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